What Your Realtor isn't Telling You!


What Your Realtor isn't Telling You!

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Arrange for multiple viewings

Request a daytime and “twilight” showing to experience the home at different times of the day.


Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood

Take a drive around the area and identify essential services like grocery stores and schools. Additionally, pay attention to any potential sources of excessive noise such as nearby railroads.


Don’t buy too big! 

Be realistic about the amount of space you truly need, as unused areas in your home will only lead to higher taxes, utility costs, and increased maintenance time. Also helps to avoid becoming “house poor”.


Evaluate appliances and systems

Take into the account the age of: all the appliances, roof, windows, plumbing, electrical panel, A/C, furnace, water heater and any other systems like a water softener or reverse osmosis filtration system. 


Assess the home's orientation and window direction 

This gives insight into many things such as the extent the home will need to be heated/cooled, how much sunlight each of the rooms get, where does the sun hit on the exterior areas such as pool and patio furniture (because you definitely don’t want to buy a home with a pool that gets shade during peak sunlight!). 

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