How to make the most of a small rental space


How to make the most of a small rental space

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   At Tailored Realty Inc. we believe in connecting home buyers and tenants to their dream property.  Whether it be a rental property or a buy each client deserves to be able to make each unique space a home regardless of whether the home is a rental space. We are also aware that certain restrictions are in place regarding making permanent and structural changes to rental properties, we have composed a list of things, those who rent can do to their space in order to make it their own, without necessarily breaking the bank or making permanent changes. 



  1. Replace the light bulbs and change the light fixtures. 

    Replacing old light bulbs and adding unique light fixtures to your new rental space can give your new space a much-needed breath of fresh air. Without doing any permanent damage. Just make sure you put the older light fixtures away in a safe place to put them back when you are ready to move out. 

  1. Hang Art  

    personalize your place by adding art, there are many ways to go about hanging art, if there are restrictions on putting holes in the walls, you can use command strips to add art, and framed photos which are easily printed at the closest Walmart, or artwork from your favourite artist or IKEA canvas


  1. Indoor plants

    The quickest way to give a space a breath of fresh air is to add a plant! This is an inexpensive way to give life to your new rental property!



Organization Tik Tok

The Tik Tok app isn't just for learning the newest dance craze, there is a new phenomenon called organization Tik Toc where users exchange tips and hacks that they use to make the most of any space. This is a great tool for those looking for some new ideas, in order to add a unique touch to their small space. The influencers on this side of the app, teach you everything from the correct way to roll towels, to hacks like adding a phone case ring to your remote, enabling you to hang it on a hook for more efficient storage. 

 Paint your space a lighter colour 

 By painting your small rental space a light colour, this makes space appear a lot larger as long as this colour is approved by your landlord this is a cost-effective way to make your space appear larger. If you would still like to add a fun colour without shrinking the space, you can add a feature wall.



          In conclusion, your small rental space can still be as unique as you are, it’s the individual that makes the home, the home does not make the individual. With small additions, you can make what would appear to be a small space, larger than life! Our agents at Tailored Realty Inc. Make it our mission to find everyone the perfect home for all our clients, no matter if they are looking to rent a small space for a finite period. Or those looking for a place to call home forever.