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As a graduate of the University of Toronto, Agnes Szymczak is accustomed to a competitive playing field. She became acquainted with the real estate industry shortly after graduating. Agnes prides herself in her approach as an agent; she is extremely honest and always ensures she provides the best client experience through her strong communication, attention to detail, great time-management and her overall integrity. With over a decade of real estate experience, Agnes is armed with strong knowledge of negotiation tactics, market trends and has an intuition that helps guide her when advising her clients. Agnes has a, "no nonsense approach when it comes to business that’s also coupled with an extremely caring and compassionate demeanour. 
Besides being a sales representative, Agnes is a wife and a mother. She also spent close to a decade volunteering at several different organizations to be able to give back to her community. Philanthropy is a very important aspect of her life outside of work. Agnes understands the power of giving back and this further forms the foundation for how she functions as an agent; She takes care of her clients through the entire transaction to offer the utmost transparency and support.